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How to run PUBG in pc with emulator

SO WHAT IS EMULATOR: In simple words it is used for converting the one form to another form. EXAMPLE:Your computer is a host and after installing the emulator it will work as a guest means like mobile. IS EMULATOR ILLEGAL: No emultor is not illegal but sharing copyrighted ROM'S is illegal.

HOW TO INSTALL EMULATOR:Step 1:Choose and Download an Emulator Visit our emulators page here and select the system of the game you wish to run. Some systems have more than one emulator, so just download the one with the highest rating. Mac users please visit here.
Step 2:Choose and Download ROMs/ISOs
Now you are going to download the actual game files. Visit our ROMs page  and select the system of the game you wish to run. Feel free to take your time browsing and downloading from our large collection.

Step 3:Install/Extract Emulator and ROMs/ISOs
If the files are in .zip, .rar or .7z format, you will need an extraction utility, such as (Windows), (Windows) or (Mac) to extract them. Some emulators ma…

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